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Core Values


Core Values


Key Markets



We are meeting the demand for both at-home and laboratory-based tests for COVID-19.

Visitect CD4

Global Health

Focus on unique VISITECT® CD4 rapid tests enabling access to people living with HIV in low- and middle-income countries

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Visitect CD4

Food Intolerance

Point-of-care and laboratory-based solutions for food intolerance and gut health

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How we are different


Geographic presence

A global reach targeting fast-growing economies in emerging markets

People and knowledge

Skilled scientists with the capability and capacity for the development of novel immunoassays allied to skilled operational and support staff to manufacture and commercialise opportunities in key markets

Technology and innovation

The Group has built up knowledge in innovative products that allows Omega to differentiate its products from other offerings in the market

Strong partnerships

Strong alliances with leading research institutions, commercial partners and NGOs allow us to access future technologies, innovative solutions and improved distribution capabilities

Our Strategy


Focused strategy

Grow all three operating segments

One company

All employees are aligned with the goals of the business and committed to a process of continuous improvement

Execute and deliver

Develop efficient, effective and compliant processes across all areas of the business

Employees: “our greatest asset”

Provide a framework where all employees can contribute to the business through effective management and leadership.

Customer focus

Maintaining customers at the heart of the organisation.